Snap decisions are fun… Deciding to do a triathlon

People always ask me why I decided to do it.

Triathlons are kind of an anomaly because they involve a whole lot of endurance and suffering and time to do. It’s also a lot of money considering the bike purchase and gear.

I think most triathletes are crazy. In fact, I know they are.

But somehow, I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to have “done it”, “conquered it” and join the ranks of the crazy.

I made the decision on new years day and I was ┬áthinking how I always have resolutions but I never follow through with them… or rarely do. I never have really made them a priority. I was also looking over my “bucket list” (which is really just a big list of things I want to do that lives forever in my head) and I thought that if I don’t do it now, I never will get around to it.

I also realized I rarely pick a an event that I have to show up for. Would a resolution be more solid if I paid a $200 race fee?

I’ve always been someone who goes all out on new passions. I knew this one would give me lots to learn and even more to push myself.

Deciding to do a triathlon
Why not pick one of the most grueling triathlons for my first one?

It was decided. I signed up for two triathlons. One was only 6 weeks away and was a local mini sprint and the next one was an Olympic distance in May. It was the famous Wildflower triathlon in California and it was big and SCARY and holy hell I did not know what I was getting myself into.

But I signed up. So now I had to show up… and figure out if I could swim and buy a bike (don’t have one)… at least I know how to run.

Note to self: I really need to make a real bucket list and formally write down my goals! I’ll make it a part of this new game of improvising, but try to write it down.


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